Zach Jones

Zack Jones has established himself as a winner and innovator at all levels of basketball for the last three decades. He has won numerous awards for his high school and college-coaching acumen, guided his teams to championships, and has helped shape the lives of hundreds of young men – preparing and sending them to universities as well as the NBA.Throughout his career, both in the U.S. and abroad, Zack has worked tirelessly to create environments in which young basketball talents have learned to thrive and succeed at their chosen sport and in life. His motivational teaching and management philosophies incorporate the importance of continually developing one’s education, character and discipline both on and of the court.A former professional athlete, Zack knows well the commitment, discipline and effort required to succeed at the highest levels of sport. And, as an academic administrator, he knows well those same requirements necessary for achievement in an educational setting. In his 12 years as a Principal and Vice Principal, he led his team of administrators and educators in creating solid educational programs for junior and senior high school students. Zack developed, planned and executed the school’s operational procedures as well as facilitated the overall instructional program. He established effective organizations, improved academic practices, and developed procedures to ensure his students and faculty were able to reach their highest potentials.An instrumental leader at Force Sports Foundation and now at Balboa School, Zack is responsible for the successful leadership and management of the athletic organization. He directs strategic planning and fundraising efforts, serves as a liaison with the academic program, and raises awareness for the school.